Rewardwings is working with retailers big and small to make sure our product is ready to take to the skies.


Rewardwings is the frictionless way to create a loyalty program for your store.

By analyzing transactions, customers start earning your store branded loyalty points as soon as they make a purchase - no sign-up form required. And by running in the background Rewardwings does away with complex and costly hardware and software installations.

Rewardwings Mobile App

The Rewardwings Mobile App is designed to stay out of your customers' way. In fact, the only time users will generally interact with our app is when they are looking to redeem points at your store!

This is just another way that Rewardwings makes your loyalty program completely transparent and frictionless.

How It Works For Merchants

1. Sign up on our website

How It Works For Customers

4. Reward customers as soon as they make a purchase in-store or online

2. Register your business

1. Download the free Rewardwings app 

2. Link the app to your bank account to verify purchases

3. Configure your loyalty program branding and rules

3. Earn store rewards at your favourite retailers by paying with your usual card

Does your business accept card payments? To set up your own store-branded loyalty program with Rewardwings all you need to do is connect your merchant bank account with our system. No hardware or software installation required.

No fuss setup

Nobody wants the inconvenience of carrying yet another card in their wallet. Rewardwings uses transaction details to track customers - all customers need to do to start earning your store-branded points is pay with their credit or debit card.

Works in the background

Rewardwings starts rewarding your customers as soon as they've made a purchase at your store, no sign-up necessary.

To check or spend their points customers simply download the Rewardwings app and link it to their bank account. And if your customer has already downloaded the app your store will show up as soon as they make their first purchase.

Rewardwings works behind the scenes to manage your store-branded loyalty program. This means that customers can start earning and redeeming your store points without any changes to the way you run your checkout and train your staff.

Sign-up free

Say goodbye to loyalty cards

Why Rewardwings?

How It Works


Customer makes a purchase

Buy in-store or online

Rewardwings tracks purchases that customers make at your bricks-and-mortar or online store. As soon as Rewardwings detects a payment from the customer, we apply the rules of your loyalty program and add the applicable amount of points or rewards to the customer's Rewardwings account.

Each time the customer earns rewards through your loyalty program they receive a notification from the Rewardwings mobile app.  



Mobile notification sent

The customer goes to your store to make their purchase. At the checkout this is processed as a standard full-price transaction, but because the customer has chosen to use pay with rewards  a cashback is sent to them straight away.

The customer also receives a mobile notification showing them how much they've saved.

When the customer is ready to redeem your rewards they can drag a slider inside the Rewardwings mobile app to choose how much they want to redeem in their next purchase in your store.


Slide to redeem

We give you the tools to gain valuable insights into your customers: how often they come into your store, which stores they go to, how much they spend, and how they use their loyalty points.

Rewardwings supports any kind of store branded loyalty points: beans, tokens, coffees, quokkas. And you can set up a custom conversion rate between your loyalty points and dollars and cents.

Tools for improving the way that you run your business

Push Promotions

Configure minimum spend, maximum reward limits and much, much more from inside an intuitive web interface.

Powerful Rules Engine

See real-time and aggregate data on how your loyalty program is working. Access easy to use analytics on customer and reward spending patterns out of the box, and export the data to Excel for further analysis.

Put the power back into your hands

In-depth Analytics

Your Own Points

Know Your Customer

Create a unique branded experience by customising your store's portal in the Rewardwings mobile app and creating tailored customer notifications.

Push out personalised notifications to your customers via the Rewardwings mobile app. Select the target audience based on customer behaviour and easily configure ongoing promotions.

Custom Branding

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